Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the Mission and Vision of the MSFSC?

  • To increase the awareness and promote a cross-cultural exchange of perspectives among Malaysians.
  • Inspire and provide up and coming filmmakers with opportunities to create, write and submit their shorts scripts in a competition platform
  • Educate winners of the script competition on aspects of filmmaking through the production of their script into a short film
  • The theme for the competition is "UNITY" This theme must be weaved into the body of the scripts submitted. Unity should be interpreted broadly to encompass for example, emotional attachments, family, relationships between individuals, culture, nature and urban enviroment.
  • Award the best inspiring scripts with the opportunity to work with A Next Star Productions , who will invest its time, expertise and capital to bring these stories to life through production and exhibition of these winning shorts to the international enterainment community.
  • The short films, once made will be promoted and submitted to major short film festivals around the world, to give these young talents a chance to showcase their work and hopefully achieve international recognition through this process.

2. Any specific genre?

* No restriction on any genre of the scripts. It can be comedy, horror, drama, action or family.

3. Call for entries date?

Now to 15th December 2013

4. When will the results be announced?

14th January 2014

5. What will happen next?

A chance to see your story come to life on Big Screen. The top 3 best script will be optioned at RM3000 and a Samsung Note 10.1 each, and A Next Star Production will make/produce the script into short film. Winner will be giving a chance to participate in the production of their very own script.

6. What will happen after the short films being produced? Film will be submitted to International Film Festival after completion to:

  • Cannes Short Film Corner 2014
  • Palm Springs Short Fest 2014
  • Japan Short Shorts Festival 2014
  • Hong Kong Filmart 2014
  • Aspen Short Fest 2014
  • Other festivals and short fest around the world

7. Who can participate?

Is open to all Malaysian, no age restriction.

8. How can they submit / participate?

Prepare the script, not more than 25 pages in English, Chinese or Bahasa Malaysia, save in either PDF or word format, log on to Fill up the entry form, check or click on the submission agreement, upload your script and press submit.

9. What happen if internet connection is slow or time out during uploading?

You can print out your filled entry form, print out the submission agreement and sign on it. Mail them together with your script to MSFS Competition, A3-3-08 Solaris Dutamas, No. 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

10. Do we get a chance to participate on the production of the short film if we are the winner?

Yes, you will have some access to the filming but no direct contact to the director or shooting personnel, all issues must be directed to the Producer and or the person in charge of the production.

11. How long is the script?

A minimum of 10 pages but not more than 25 pages, because usually 10 pages could shoot for anywhere between 8 - 12min, so for short film we want to shoot for no more than 30 min.

12. Does it have to be a story that takes place in Malaysia?

No, the story can be from anyway around the world, as long as the content of the story contain "UNITY" elements. It can be Unity between friends, family and collegues.

13. If I am the writer and would also like to direct, is that possible?

Yes, it's possible, but you must go through the same process when the producer is looking for a director, that means the right submission of work previously done and the level of experience. Final decision is up to the Producer.

14. What is the official website for submission?

15. Can we submit Chinese script?


16. Who is the organizer of the Competition?

Is A Next Star Production Sdn. Bhd. With the support of FINAS

17. Who are the Judges?

  • Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh (Producer/Actor)
  • Datuk MD Afendi (Chairman of FINAS)
  • En MD Harun Abd Rahman (Director/Documentary Filmmaker)
  • Roger Christian (Director/Filmmaker)
  • Jef Lim (Executive Producer)

18. How the judges will determine a good winning script?

Actually there is no standard in judging a winning script, it's up to the judges, it's the flow of the originality to the story, most importantly is the script must contains the elements of "UNITY". I.e. Unity of family, friends, human nature.